Iowa Battlers is a competitive tournament team and club organization. We provide players and families the atmosphere and coaching they are looking for!

  • Each and every practice or training session is conducted by our Battlers professional staff.
  • Battlers’ teams compete locally and regionally in competitive basketball tournaments.
  •  Proven strength and conditioning programs.
  • 12 D1 Sports Training Sessions proved for every Battlers member.
  • The atmosphere of Battlers Basketball is professional at all times on the field and in the stands.  Players, coaches, and parents will be held to the utmost standards in that regard.  First Class… Developing Players

Iowa Battlers will provide players the opportunity to play on a team that will be coached by those in the know.  The Battlers do not define its success solely on wins and losses rather the improvement of the individual as a whole.  Our staff looks at the whole child, not just the basketball player inside and develops teams that play well fundamentally and exhibit a true understanding of sportsmanship, and teamwork.  The Iowa battler staff vows to be the best in regard to citizenship, teamwork and fundamental play. We will provide players in the Central Iowa area an opportunity to play for one of the most competitive and best coached organizations in the country.

Families interested in Iowa Battlers will have a clear understanding of the umbrella of 3 large categories – Physical ability, emotional ability, coachability.  Because of the importance that the Battlers places on sportsmanship for the players, coaches and parents, physical ability, while extremely important, is not the only determining factor for making a successful basketball player.

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